• Amber Press Master
  • Amber Press Master
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Amber Press Master

Rigid Framework for multiple firing

Framework from Amber Press Master is quite stable and strong since it can deal with high glass transition temperature (Tg). With these features, it is useful for additional heat treatment, which is for build-up or staining procedures. It has less deformation of the material itself as well.


With a highly dense structure, Proven mechanical strength here

The density of Amber Press Master is quite higher than conventional ones. This indicates that the new LO is more soft, tough, and ductile with a high crack deflection.


Complete your masterpiece of aesthetics with Amber Press Master

Core build-up materials have been used for decades and having great fluorescence is an important factor for users to realize the genuine aesthetics. The great fluorescence of Amber Press Master will help you to realize the texture of a tooth's surface, shade, and translucency better. Find your own aesthetics with Amber Press Master.