Amber LiSi-POZ

Amber LiSi-POZ

                          380 MPa Higher Strength

3 x Higher
Amber LiSi-POZ offers three times higher flexural strength than conventional                      veneering materials for Zirconia.
After pressing, the flexural strength is over 380 MPa.



High As Monolithic ZirconiaThe fatigue fracture strength of restorations made from Zirconia framework          and  Amber LiSi-POZ is as high as monolithic zirconia crowns.

 45 MPa Bonding Strength
   The micro-tensile bond strength of restoration between zirconia framework          and Amber LiSi-POZ is over 45 MPa.
Amber LiSi-POZ - Microtensile bonding strength between zirconia and Amber LiSi-POZ






Amber LiSi-POZ - Work process


                                                               Available Shades


Amber LiSi-POZ - Available shades