• Xylitol ABC (After Brush Candy)
  • Xylitol ABC (After Brush Candy)
  • Xylitol ABC (After Brush Candy)
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Xylitol ABC (After Brush Candy)

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Xylitol ABC(After Brushing Candy)

The xylitol ABC comes in 3 different flavors apple, strawberry, and grape. ABC candy uses natural xylitol extracted from birch trees from Finland, famous for its great dental care. The candy is individually packaged, making them convenient to carry for traveling.

It produces these results by deactivating the mutans which naturally produce acid from consuming sugar in the mouth which causes cavities. However, the xylitol candy deactivates the mutans once they consume the sugar from the candy and prevents them from producing acid.

The Xylitol ABC makes brushing teeth a reward for kids. To consume it, the candy should be melted or chewed on. In order to see the benefits of the candy it is important to take 2 or 3 pills a day. Enjoy effective dental care with our product!