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Amber Mill

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Lithium Disilicate-Based CAD/CAM Blocks

Amber® Mill

Amber® Mill is the machinable dental glass-ceramic block made of lithium disilicate. It is reinforced mechanical properties and aesthetic values with qualified machinability are greatly advantageous for patients and clinics

Innovation Redefined

Enhanced Edge Integrity

Outstanding machinability of Amber® Mill is evidently affirmative when checking the edges of the milled restorations. Highly stable edges with less chipping occurrence prove that Amber® Mill is optimized machinable lithium disilicate block for CAD/CAM system.

Unleashing the Power of Nature's Beauty

Captivating Beauty: Natural Opalescence & Fluorescence Revealed

All natural teeth covered by the enamel present opalescence-they seem more blueish when viewed under reflected light and more yellowish when viewed in transmitted light. Amber® Mill demonstrates the opalescent feature of natural teeth. In addition, Amber Mill shows fluorescence to that of natural teeth